Gumby Gumby - Bush Medicine

Gumby Gumby - Bush Medicine

This plant is said to be found across Australia so the dialect of the word Gumby Gumby (also gumbii gumbii) is unknown however this word has been used predominantly throughout the Kalimaroi country (any other information would greatly be appreciated). 

Gumby Gumby is a all season plant that is found flourishing throughout arid dry country sides of Australia. This one particularly was collected on Ngemba country. This plant is said to be one of the most useful and beneficial plants throughout Australia. So much it was used as a bush medicine daily to helpmaintain and improve individuals; digestive system, boost immune system, maintain mouth health as well as cure severe illnesses. The old people have passed on that having a table spoon every day maintains and improves your health and immune system, it was sworn by. 

To prepare you will need to collect a handful and boil in a pan full of water for 10 minutes. As it boils the water is full of organic goodness from the plant and it is the water that you store and use (see above photo).

Leaves were also used damped with water and heated to be placed on sores, cuts and wounds to sterilize and keep clean while they heal. 

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