Jubal (Wood moth larvae)

Jubal (Wood moth larvae)

Jubal is a word from the Bundjalung dialect located within the North Coast area of  New South Wales along the Richmond valley and parts of Tweed Heads. 

The Jubal is found inside the Gum trees. It is an art when looking and hunting for the Jubal, with a trained eye it can be easy however if you are not shown with practice the tracks of the Jubal could be find to find in order to collect a decent feed. 

Once you have found the traces of saw dust, irregular protruding growth spots and small tiny wholes along the tree you then have to carefully and respectfully carve a palm size hole at the correct spot. From there you use a wire with a hooked end (in the old days a hook made from a thin green branch) and fish the Jubal out by  carefully pulling it from the tree. 

To eat the Jubal you are able to eat fresh when pulled out from the tree which is most likely done with tiny ones. The larger ones like in this picture are toasted on hot coals or a frying pan - herbs can be added. 

These wood moths are found throughout Australia and have different names for each tribe but were prepared usually in a similar fashion. 


Video of detailed Jubal hunting is available via our Instagram and Facebook platforms (see link below). 

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