Katwart (Pig face)

Katwart (Pig face)

‘Katwort / Keeng-a’ is the Bunganditji word from the Aboriignal dialect of the Gippsland area in Melbourne VIC. In Perth WA, they are reffered to as ‘Bain’ belonging to the Whadjuk Nyoongar Dialect. More commonly this ground crawing suctulant is known as Pig Face due to it’s fruity appearances.

This plant has many uses;

  • Fruit is eaten raw when ripe coming into the warmer seasons (Summer), a good indication when the fruit is good to eat is the pink/purple colour – the darker the colour the better before going off. The fruit texture and flavour is very similar to the kiwi fruit and holds a sweet/sour sensation.
  • The fleshy structured leaves are used for many occasions; like aloe vera it can be used to reduce the pain of sunburn, sand fly bites, cuts and skin allergies. They are also used when cooking meat providing a salty flavor. When eating fresh they mix well in salad’s.

The nutritional value of these tasty fruits and leaves contain a mixture of water, potassium and vitamin C. The Katwort is found mostly on beaches or just shy of sand Junes as they love sandy soil to craw along and spread.

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