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Briefly tell us about yourself (Name, age, where you are from, your tribe, where your living now)

My name is Sarah Jane Burns I am a Wiradjuri women and I was born here in Sydney in 1989.

I am a 28 year old single mother to a beautiful 3 year old girl, Aubree Rose.


How was it you came to be so committed and passionate towards your health? What are your reasons for practicing a healthy lifestyle?

Health and good food have always been important in my family. It wasn’t until I had my own daughter that I realized how detrimental a good diet is to a growing child.

I try my best to lead by example as most children will follow what they see and learn from what they are brought up around.  Understanding that to be the best version of myself so I can be the best mother to Aubree has made it easier to fuel my body the right way and make sure I am always mentally healthy and exercise.

Aubree was a massive impact for my change, I knew it was my responsibility to make sure my little girl grew up happy and healthy and I was the person she would rely on.


What’s your all-time favourite healthy meal and why?

This is hard to narrow down to one, but I love a good salad.

So many different recipes and ways to experiment with new ingredients. Once you choose your base, for example; baby spinach, rocket, mixed lettuce etc.

 Add a protein, chicken, tuna, prawns. If you want the base of the salad to be more filling you can always add a rice noodle or whole wheat organic pasta.

You can then basically add whatever you like.

Seeds: Poppy seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds

Try to always use a good organic olive oil and flavour the dressing with an Apple Cider Vinegar, pinch of salt and pepper.


How has BlackFit Fitness contributed (if it has) to your journey with your health?

BlackFit is the coolest Fitness, Support, Health and Networking crew I have ever come across.

I love how you just feel at home right away through their posts, stories and captions. Everything they post is relatable and from the heart. BlackFit has contributed to my health journey through encouragement and support.

I have always felt comfortable to ask questions and be open and honest about my journey with the crew at BlackFit. Their constant and awesome approach to healthy eating and exercise has played a massive part in me believing in myself again and feeling better about where I am headed. Thanks guys. Love ya’s



As a mother, how have you notice positive changes in your child/s life as a result to your healthy lifestyle (social, school, sleep, behavioural habits)?

As I mentioned above a healthy diet and lifestyle is detrimental to a growing child's life.

The foods your child consumes has a massive impact on how your child behaves, sleeps, interacts and learns.

If your child is fueling their bodies with a hearty healthy breakfast before school, their concentration levels will be higher and they will be more eager to learn and be involved.

I do notice a massive difference in Aubree’s behaviour if her diet changes.

I have made the effort to create healthy habits in our home. There is always a healthy alternative.

Instead of soft drink or juice Aubree will have coconut water

Instead of lollies or sweets Aubree will have things like apricots, sultanas, dates, strawberries and her favourite, blueberries (all just as sweet)

Having snacks prepped in the fridge is also a good way to make sure your child is not reaching for unhealthy snacks. For example, cut up carrots and celery sticks, sliced fruit etc.



If there was one thing you could say to mothers out there that are on the fence about giving change a go, what would it be?

Change is the scariest thing.

Why? Because it is the complete opposite of everything we know, it’s the unknown, it’s different and it’s not always easy.

People make the mistake of trying to change everything all at once. If I had done that I would have been lost.

Do it slowly, change habits, create new ones, use alternatives, read, research, talk to other mothers, do it all in your own time. There is no time limit, you wanting to make change is the best place to start.

Change can be painful or even sometimes exhausting but the results are so rewarding and noticeable that in the end it is all worth it.

Don’t fear change, embrace it. Lean on family and friends, surround yourself with people who are like minded in your endeavors and support your journey to change.

Us Mother's have a lot on our plate as it is. The most important advice I can give Mothers out there is...

  • Take things one step at a time.
  • Look after you first, mentally and physically. Be the best version of yourself for your kids.
  • I know our children come first but we also need to put ourselves first.
  • I heard this saying once while someone was trying to explain how to give to others you must first look after yourself and I loved it
  • “You cannot poor from an empty cup”. How true! If you are not full then you cannot overflow to others.
  • Take care of your mental health first, then implement a healthy diet and exercise and go from there.

I am always just a DM away, anytime or any day. I am very passionate about the support between women and encouraging each other to be the best versions of ourselves. Shoot me a message :)

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