Quinoa chili flaked chicken strips

Quinoa chili flaked chicken strips


Serving size 2

2 Chicken Breast

Quinoa Flakes

Chili flakes

6 eggs (2 egg yolk : 6 egg whites)



  • Cut the chicken into strip size of choice pieces – a good indication is a size of your pointing finger.
  • Remove 4 egg yolks when placing all remaining eggs into a bowl and stir until all mixed together.
  • Prepare a bowl with a cup of quinoa flakes and a tea spoon (more if wanted) of chili flakes – mix well.
  • Like crumbing fish; dip strips of chicken one at a time into the egg followed by the mix of quinoa and chili flake mix before placing onto a above medium frying pan. cook with oil of choice; we use coconut or olive. 
  • Cook until golden in colour – roughly 3-4 minutes each side, depending on thickness of strips.



  1. Add your own herb and spices.
  2. Served well with avocado and salad.
  3. Perfect for meal prepping.


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