Michael Tyerman (Presenter)

Michael Tyerman (Presenter)

Where you’re from and where you live now?

I am from Bowraville New South Wales on the Mid North Coast of Australia (Gumbaynggirr Country). I lived in Sydney for many years and Innisfail(Cairns) for over a year and I have recently returned home to Bowraville. 


Qualifications and work history:

  • I worked in schools for around 7years as a teachers aide. I worked as an aide while I completed my university. I now have completed the following degrees: 
  • Associate Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Indigenous Education.
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education.
  • I have been teaching for three years now across Early Childhood Centres (DayCare/Pre-School), Primary Schools and High Schools.
  • I am also a current Board Of Director at our Local Aboriginal Land Council in Bowraville.

Why are you working with BlackFit?

I am working with BlackFit because I have trust and respect for what BlackFit stands for. I trust and believe it does and will continue to provide opportunities to “close the gap” between our people and the rest of society. BlackFit provides a platform for all people (regardless of race, religion, sex or age) to be able to build and improve on their lifestyles and bodies physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Your visions for BlackFit:

I see BlackFit developing from a small idea/hobby into a national wide company. We at BlackFit aim to instil healthy habits and practices into people’s lives so they may live a happier and longer life. We hope that what we achieve with an individual, a family, a school or a community will be passed onto or down to others eventually changing a nation.


My health and what is health to me:

My health is not perfect and I don’t believe anybody’s is perfect. We all love to eat and drink some more than others but it’s about trying to find a healthy balance for our bodies to function correctly, as they say “you only get out what you put in”. Physical activity and understanding your metabolism are vital when choosing what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. BlackFit will aim to provide support and guidance in these areas. 


“We are all born small and weak. We all grow old and weak - What happens in between is ENTIRELY up to YOU!!!”

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BlackFit Fitness Workshops

The BlackFit Fitness Engagements have evolved and expanded across the country over time, drawing from our extensive experience working with schools, communities, and institutions. Our school programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each institution and are developed upon request following consultation with your team. We strive to create the best possible experiences for your target group by blending their personal needs with our expertise and experience.

These programs are suitable for a variety of organizations, including schools, government institutions, correctional centers, and youth centers. Some examples of our current programs within these institutions include:

  • Facilitated BroSpeak
  • Group and individual mentoring
  • Traditional dance workshops
  • Art workshops, including mural creation
  • BushTucker and Dreaming space construction
  • Didgeridoo groups (we can provide didgeridoos upon request)
  • Sport, fitness, and physical activity sessions
  • Men's mentoring
  • Artefact creation
  • Wellness and goal-setting workshops

All workshops can be developed into ongoing programs or presented as one-offs. These details, along with additional considerations, are discussed collaboratively to create a personalised program that aims to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

Holiday Programs

The BlackFit Fitness Holiday Programs aim to align with the goals and outcomes of the community, with a recent focus on youth engagement. We have traveled across the state to deliver these engaging and personalised programs, which have ranged from running over a week to just a single day in various communities. The content of our programs is tailored to suit the specific needs of each community.

Some examples of our past community holiday programs include:

  • Traditional dance workshops
  • Art workshops featuring ochre art creation, including murals for funding organisations
  • Sport, fitness, and physical clinics, including competitions and prizes
  • Young soft ninja warrior course suitable for children under 10
  • Fishing competitions
  • Wellness and meditation workshops
  • Gym sessions, including boxing programs

All workshops can be developed into ongoing programs or presented as one-offs. These details, along with more specific considerations, are discussed as a group to create a personalised program that strives for the best outcomes for your organisation.

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