Shannon Fraser (Presenter / Instagram Admin)

Where I am from and Where I live now?
I am original from Central Queensland, born in Blackwater on my country which is Ghungalu Country. Ghungalu makes up my peoples country who are Gaangalu Nation People. I grew up in Glenden and finished high school in Mackay (Yuwibara Country). I currently reside in Brisbane which is Turrbal and Yugara country.

Qualifications and work history:
My qualifications consist of Business Administration certificates and also my Certificate II & IV in Fitness. Although never being to university (as it wasn’t for me) I have much life and work experience.
- I have worked in many different administrative roles over the years learning through different companies and businesses.
- I have worked as an Indigenous Teacher’s Aid (at my old high school) for 9 months and absolutely loved it!
- I then worked witin Queensland Government in a call centre providing customer service to the public for 6 almost 7 years.
- I then worked for myself as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor for about 13 months after obtaining my Cert II & IV in Fitness
- Currently I work back full time as an Accounts Administrator and still enjoy training friends and family in my spare time.

Why are you working with Blackfit?
I am working with Blackfit because I believe and respect what they stand for. I am and always have been passionate about helping our people improve their lives through education and support. I 110% support everything Blackfit does as I believe they can help make a change to “closing the gap” and improving the lives of all. I am blessed and forever grateful to be able to be apart of such a great team that shares the same values, visions and beliefs for our people.

Your vision for Blackfit:
I see Blackfit having the ability to expand nationally. By continuing to provide such great support, motivation and education to not only our community but to the whole of Australia is amazing. I see Blackfit expanding into the corporate world through educational talks and workshops as well as continuing strong partnerships with community and the education systems. We all have the same
goals and I hope to continue to see Blackfit reach many many more people across our nation.

My Health and what is health to me:
My health is about ensuring I am able to be able to fuel my body with the right sources to do what I need it to do. I am not by all means someone who is only clean eating. I am a realist and so I am all about balance. I also try my hardest these days to be as active as possible with balancing working full-time and having my daughter

My health journey and what is health to me:

Growing up I was a healthy child and adolescent, until I reach the legal age of drinking. For at least two or three years I was out drinking/smoking almost every weekend, sometimes from Friday to Sunday. Through education of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle I have stopped binge drinking, and now have a healthy balance. Looking at the history of my family’s health has led me in a different direction with my diet; I am now a vegan. 

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BlackFit Fitness Workshops

The BlackFit Fitness Engagements have evolved and expanded across the country over time, drawing from our extensive experience working with schools, communities, and institutions. Our school programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each institution and are developed upon request following consultation with your team. We strive to create the best possible experiences for your target group by blending their personal needs with our expertise and experience.

These programs are suitable for a variety of organizations, including schools, government institutions, correctional centers, and youth centers. Some examples of our current programs within these institutions include:

  • Facilitated BroSpeak
  • Group and individual mentoring
  • Traditional dance workshops
  • Art workshops, including mural creation
  • BushTucker and Dreaming space construction
  • Didgeridoo groups (we can provide didgeridoos upon request)
  • Sport, fitness, and physical activity sessions
  • Men's mentoring
  • Artefact creation
  • Wellness and goal-setting workshops

All workshops can be developed into ongoing programs or presented as one-offs. These details, along with additional considerations, are discussed collaboratively to create a personalised program that aims to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation.

Holiday Programs

The BlackFit Fitness Holiday Programs aim to align with the goals and outcomes of the community, with a recent focus on youth engagement. We have traveled across the state to deliver these engaging and personalised programs, which have ranged from running over a week to just a single day in various communities. The content of our programs is tailored to suit the specific needs of each community.

Some examples of our past community holiday programs include:

  • Traditional dance workshops
  • Art workshops featuring ochre art creation, including murals for funding organisations
  • Sport, fitness, and physical clinics, including competitions and prizes
  • Young soft ninja warrior course suitable for children under 10
  • Fishing competitions
  • Wellness and meditation workshops
  • Gym sessions, including boxing programs

All workshops can be developed into ongoing programs or presented as one-offs. These details, along with more specific considerations, are discussed as a group to create a personalised program that strives for the best outcomes for your organisation.

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