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Wellness Cards

Wellness Cards

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Welcome to a resource that is for everyone, one that explores the well-being of Australia's Culture. These Wellbeing cards bring you daily tips and guidance to help assist you with thinking positively and connecting to Culture. with 40 cards across four sets, these cards provide variety and longevity. These cards will come with a handcrafted stand for you to stand up for the day as a reminder for your household. 

These are the first tangible well-being products that will be available in our collection. use them daily and repetitively along your well-being journey to help bring light to your path of self-discovery and healing. 


The cards have finally left china! They are scheduled to arrive in Australia on the 28th of October. Once the cards have arrived shipping will begin as soon as possible. Please read the highlighted statement below; 

I do apologise for this delay in this process - this is something that is out of my hands and I have been back and forth with this supplier all week. I am continuing to each day to speed this process up. Please contact me via email if you wish to chat further about this inconvenience.  Thank you, Josh.




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